From Corporate to Wilderness

Anthony Lau was born, raised, and educated in Hong Kong. In 2016, his passion for photography was recognized when he became the Grand Award Winner of the prestigious National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest. Since then, Anthony has collaborated with esteemed entities such as National Geographic's Hong Kong and Taiwan offices, ASUS Mobile, AIA, and Sony.


Vast Horizon Photo Book Launch

Building on the success of my previous exhibitions, I am excited to launch my first photo book, aptly named "Vast Horizon," at the Hong Kong Book Fair. "Vast Horizon" encapsulates my photographic journey across Iceland and the Faroe Islands from the summer of 2022 to the spring of 2023. The book vividly presents the breathtaking landscapes of these regions across various seasons, truly capturing the splendor and vastness of these northern realms.


Exhibitions in London and Hong Kong

A thrilling new chapter unfolded in my artistic journey as I proudly hosted my inaugural exhibition in London, during the renowned The Other Art Fair. The excitement didn't end there, as I made my solo debut back home in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, in a successful collaboration with the esteemed EastPro Gallery. The outpouring of support and encouragement I received during these exhibitions was truly overwhelming and something I am incredibly thankful for!


Panel Judge for National Geographic

In 2020, I had the honor of being invited by The National Geographic's Hong Kong and Taiwan offices to serve as a judge for their annual Hong Kong Photo Contest. I was privileged to continue in this esteemed role for the 2021 edition as well. Being part of such a prestigious event indeed carries immense honor and responsibility.


Volunteering during the COVID Era

During the COVID era, with travel restrictions imposed, I pivoted to volunteering my skills for social issues and education. I regularly lent my expertise as a speaker for the Royal Geographical Society's School Outreach programs in Hong Kong and offered my abilities to organizations such as Food Angel and Design Hong Kong. This particular photo, captured in 2021, centers on trolley users in Hong Kong, highlighting the shortcomings of road design and the risks involved in waste collection work.


Sony G Master "Every Detail Has A History" Campaign

The year 2019 marked a pivotal juncture in my career when the Sony Asia Pacific team extended an invitation for me to participate in the promotional campaign for their flagship G Master lens. The project was titled "Every Detail Has A History", and involved a full crew documenting my pursuit of capturing the perfect light within the architectural marvel of Angkor Wat, all accomplished using Sony's flagship equipment. With this opportunity, I took a break from my corporate life and go full-time as a travel landscape photographer.


First Place, Wildlife Category, Fine Art Photography Awards

Several years prior, I was fortunate enough to journey to the Deal River Heritage Lodge, a trip that would profoundly transform my life. This adventure involved strolling across the ice-laden Hudson Bay and photographing its majestic inhabitants - the Polar Bears and Arctic Foxes. One particular Arctic Fox displayed a peculiar fascination with our group of photographers, continually sauntering close by. This gave me the chance to seize numerous unique shots, culminating in my victorious win of the First Place in the Wildlife category at the 2018 Fine Art Photography Award.


National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year

"Winter Horseman" is a pivotal photograph that earned me the humbling honor of the Grand Award, People Category Winner, and the title "Travel Photographer of the Year" from National Geographic. Taken in 2015, this captivating image portrays a lone horseman in the snowy landscapes of Inner Mongolia, China. The recognition has opened doors for me and provided a platform to share my passion for capturing the beauty of nature and the human spirit. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities it has afforded me and the lasting impact it continues to have on viewers.


Photokina Exhibition, Cologne, Germany

In 2014, I had the opportunity to exhibit my nightscape photo at Zeiss' booth during Photokina in Cologne, Germany. Photokina is a renowned trade fair for the photography and imaging industry, attracting photography enthusiasts, professionals, and industry experts from around the world. Zeiss, a respected manufacturer of camera lenses and optical equipment, provided me with a prestigious platform to showcase my work. It was an honor to have my nightscape photo displayed at their booth, where it captured the attention and admiration of visitors.