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Anthony Lau, born and raised in Hong Kong, began learning to use a film camera during his school years. However, it was the arrival of his children and the heartfelt desire to capture their precious moments that sparked his passion for photography.

As he pursued his career as a corporate process improvement advisor, Anthony’s love for photography steadily grew. Over a decade, he transformed from an amateur into an award-winning photographer. In 2016, he captured the evocative image of the “Winter Horseman,” which earned him the Grand Award and People Category Winner in the prestigious “National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest,” and the title of “Travel Photographer of the Year” by National Geographic Magazine.

Since then, Anthony has collaborated with various organizations, using his photography skills to support local and overseas volunteer services, environmental projects, and school education. He frequently speaks at the Royal Geographical Society’s “RGS School Outreach Program” in Hong Kong and has served as a panel judge for National Geographic’s “Hong Kong Photo Contest” twice.

In 2019, Anthony decided to become a full-time freelance photographer. His captivating work, captured in the historic Angkor Wat, was featured in Sony’s G Master Lens advertisement campaign in the Asia Pacific region. Currently based in London, Anthony travels often between Hong Kong, London, and other destinations.

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Latest Update.

08 May 2023

I was first struck by the inspiration for my debut photo album while attending a gathering at Eastpro Gallery in May of 2021. Unfortunately, travel restrictions at the time prevented me from pursuing my vision, as I felt my current collections lacked the depth and breadth necessary to create something truly remarkable. Fast forward two years, and I finally had the opportunity to capture the stunning landscapes of the Faroe Islands and Iceland in all their glory.

All the photos featured in “Vast Horizon” were taken between August 2022 and April 2023, with the goal of showcasing the panoramic beauty of these two countries. Though separated by distance, their landscapes share a poetic connection that I sought to capture in my images. My visits during different seasons also added subtle contrasts while maintaining the book’s overall harmony.

As a photographer, I’m drawn to remote locations and challenging physical conditions, as I believe they help me stay focused and appreciate each step and every shutter press. Despite the difficulties, these environments fuel my creativity. True to form, my journey in creating this album was not without its setbacks; I lost my drone in the Icelandic Highlands and took a tumble in the Faroe Islands, leaving me with a lingering ribcage pain as I wrote the foreword. Nevertheless, my unwavering dedication shines through in the stunning images of “Vast Horizon,” which showcase the beauty that emerges when we push our limits and pursue our passions.

07 May 2023

I am thrilled to announce that following my debut photo exhibition at the Eastpro Gallery in 2022, my first photo album titled “Vast Horizon” is currently in production with the gallery. The album will be released in July of this year and will be available for purchase at the Hong Kong Book Fair in Hong Kong.